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STLCC Unisex Restrooms

By Jaionna Malone

November 17, 2023

The entry loop of the Florissant Valley campus.

St. Louis Community College schools have implemented unisex restrooms into their buildings. They have committed to providing safe and inclusive spaces for everyone, starting with gender-neutral restrooms. St. Louis Community College at Forest Park first implemented gender neutral bathrooms onto their campuses in November 2016 to create more comfortable spaces. 

They chose to start by converting two staff bathrooms for transgender students and staff who may not feel comfortable using multioccupancy restrooms. “The process wasn’t terribly involved,” said Ame Mead, dean of humanities and social sciences. “The issue became apparent just because of changes in the student population and the greater societal conversation about gender-neutral bathrooms and facilities in general.” Currently there are fourteen available gender-inclusive, ADA accessible bathrooms on all STLCC campuses. Three of those are on Florissant Valley campus. 

STLCC has started looking at more options to make students and staff feel safer and more included on campuses. April 2021, St. Louis County government had started to discuss implementing no “male” or “female” signage to be on St. Louis County campuses. Although they have not enforced that the new rule, there may be a change coming soon to St. Louis Community Colleges and colleges all over the city. 

St. Louis Community College does not only have inclusive spaces for transgenders, but they also have comfortable spaces for all students and staff, such as lactation rooms for nursing mothers, Interfaith prayer and meditation rooms for all students and staff. STLCC has made it their mission to adhere to guidelines and make campuses safe and inclusive for all students now and in the future. They have allowed students and staff to advocate for themselves and their peers by holding events and lectures for all students and staff. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the access office at: 314-513-4551.